Monday, August 25, 2008

O Christmas Tree

A couple of years ago I bought one of those potted pine trees that get all dressed up for Christmas. It was, after all, “the holidays” and I wanted to deck the outside with lots of things to help it look more Christmasy. This little tree was one of those things.

As most of us know, once Christmas is done, we tend to forget about our holiday plants. I am certainly one of those people. I put this little guy out front in front of the brick where my fireplace was. Every once in a while I gave it a drink, but it was awful thirsty most of the time.

This past weekend I was doing a little yard work in the front and this little guy was calling my name once again “Lauri…..I’m thirsty…..please give me water!” But instead of giving him water, I decided it was time to call it quits! I was pretty certain the tree was dead from neglect, and I tried to pick it up to throw it away. But when I lifted it, it was attached to something. A root! Yes, there was a long root growing into the ground and it certainly was not dead! So I took it into the backyard and lovingly replanted it. Any tree that can grow a root in those conditions deserves a second chance. Once I replanted it, I watered it well and sprayed the needles and trunk with “Foliar Feed” from The Happy Gardener ( I took a picture and have posted it here for you to see just how pathetic this poor little tree was. In a week or two, I will take another picture and if this little guy isn't too far gone, what you will see will amaze you. If the tree is still alive, you will see a much healthier version of what this picture shows.

Yes, I am an Independent Garden Consultant for The Happy Gardener, but what better way to advertise our product than to post a test here for all the world to see? I have used Foliar Feed on a few of my other plants and have gotten truly amazing results. I have seen plants grow and look healthy literally overnight! So if this tree has any life left in it and I can keep it properly watered, we should see some green in a week or so.

Happy Gardening!

Independent Garden Consultant
The Happy Gardener

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