Friday, August 8, 2008

Hot August Gardens

Here in Southern California, gardening is good most months of the year, especially in San Diego. But August is a hot month and most gardens really don’t enjoy the heat much unless you have a native plant, drought-tolerant garden. Our plants and flowers are just beginning to slow down and creep into their hibernation mode, slowly getting ready for fall, then winter. But not all is lost! Here are some tips for you Southern Californians of things you can do in your garden in August, so you can continue to enjoy your garden in fall and winter.

1. Seeds
Believe it or not, August is a good time to start seeds in pots. Hot weather germinates seeds quickly, so if you keep the seedlings nice and moist until they sprout, you should have success in cultivating some nice plants from seed regardless of the heat. Pay attention to the water and sun requirements on the seed packet and never let your seedlings dry out!

2. Sweet Peas
Those beautiful, aromatic, sweet smelling flowers that we all love so much! Sow seeds by Labor Day, and have deliciously fragrant flowers by Christmas!

3. Container Gardening
It is SO easy to do container gardening and keep your blooms blooming until their time is spent for the season. Pick your favorite flowers or plants, find the right spot outside according to their sunshine needs, keep watered and enjoy! I love container gardening and most of my “garden” is in containers. One of these days I'm going to do a post about container gardening.

What is especially important in August, because it is so hot in Southern California during this time, is to keep your plants watered and protected from the harsh heat unless they are heat lovers. Always follow nursery directions for your plants to ensure you get “the most bang for your buck” when buying plants.

The Happy Gardener has everything you’ll need in August to help keep your plants healthy and happy and keep you, your family and your pets from getting sick from the chemicals of other garden products. Our completely organic products will not harm you, the environment or your pets. And we have some great life-time guarantee gardening tools you should check out as well!

Happy Gardening!
Independent Garden Consultant
The Happy Gardener

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