Friday, August 1, 2008


Hello and welcome to my garden! My name is Lauri (aka Lore) and gardening is my hobby. For a long time I wanted to learn how to garden more organically, without having to use those harsh and harmful chemicals on my beautiful flowers. I also have a cute little silky terrier dog that doesn't need the harsh chemicals either. This year, I decided to grow my own tomatoes. I've done it once previously and had good success with it. I didn't want to use chemicals on the tomatoes because I knew I would be eating them so I've just kind of left them to their own defenses. I'm not having as much luck as last time.

After researching organic gardening, I ran across a website for "The Happy Gardener" ( This company sells organic products for your garden along with various garden tools and decor. I loved the organic products and was excited that I may have found someplace that I could get some good bug repellent and/or plant food that wouldn't have poison in them. Then I saw they had a business opportunity to become a "Garden Consultant". After much research on the company and it's products, I decided this is right for me and I am now a Happy Gardener Garden Consultant.

I'm so excited that I decided to start this blog and give some gardening pointers. Not just organically, but in general. Now I am no professional and definitely an amateur when it comes to gardening, but maybe I can give some good information to those of you just like me; you love your garden, do what you can with it and realize that you shouldn't take it too seriously but have fun with it. That's what it's about! Have fun with it! So I will be adding gardening info and tips over time and perhaps share some of my own gardening experiences with you all. I would love to hear of your gardening experiences!

Welcome to my garden!


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