Monday, September 1, 2008

What To Do In Your Garden In September

In Southern California, September can be just as busy as any other month in the garden (ok, except for spring!). It’s time to start getting orders in for spring bulbs; time to figure out where you’re going to grow your garlic; time to start removing blooms from some of your perennials and many other jobs. Heres just a few things to do so you can still get your hands dirty. Be careful though! September is known in Southern California as the hottest month of the year. When you garden, garden early before it gets too hot!

1. Order your spring bulbs. You’ll want to start putting them in the ground towards the end of September and into October, so you have between now and October to get them in the ground.
2. Water!
3. Also by the end of September, you can start planting your garlic and onion. Nothing like garlic from your own garden to add wonderful flavoring to your cooking!
4. Water!
5. Get some coleus and plant it in containers. It makes for wonderful fall colors!
6. Now’s the time to divide your perennials. Replant the divisions right away, or give away to a friend as an exchange for something they have that you really want.
7. Feed your roses one last time before fall hits.
8. Water!
9. Replenish your mulch to help protect from the heat as well as the cold once winter settles in.
10. Did I say water? Your plants can’t get enough of it in hot, hot September.
11. Enjoy your garden!

Happy Gardening!

Independent Garden Consultant
The Happy Gardener

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