Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Awesome Plant Food!

Today I’d like to talk about SeaResults Micronutrient Solution from The Happy Gardener. The ingredients in this amazing liquid come straight from the sea and is made from sea vegetables. What are “sea vegetables” you ask? Kelp, seaweed, algae, and a variety of other plants from the sea.

The benefits of sea vegetables include:
· Increased crop yields
· Provides higher chlorophyll levels
· Improved and faster seed germination
· Significant reduction in fungal, insect and nematode damage
· Resistance to frost damage
· Reduced plant stress due to drought and transplanting

SeaResults contains over 70 trace elements, 17 key amino acids and root growth hormones for healthy root development and lush plant growth. Your plants will love this stuff! I use it on my indoor and outdoor container plants. They are very healthy and quite resistant to drought (yes, my poor watering habits!).

Use SeaResults monthly as a fertilizer supplement on your houseplants, roses, vegetables, herbs, seedlings, flowers, shrubs and trees. And remember, its completely organic and won’t harm your kids, your pets or the environment!

One 8 oz bottle of concentrated solution makes 50 gallons of nutritious plant food! Used once a month and this bottle packs a powerhouse of plant nutrition and savings to you!

As an Independent Garden Consultant for The Happy Gardener, I will be happy to place your order for SeaResults Micronutrient Solution right away. Send me an email with your return email address and I will be happy to assist you!

Happy Gardening!


Independent Garden Consultant

The Happy Gardener

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