Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why Organic Lawn Products Are Important

Organic Lawn Feed N Weed
from The Happy Gardener

Did you know that seventy million pounds of pesticides are applied each year to lawns that are also home to beneficial species such as earthworms, which actually harms lawn health? And once you use pesticides, what happens to those beneficial species? Well of course they die off and chances are slim they will be back for some time once you’ve used chemicals. In order for your lawn to be healthy, some pests are necessary to create a happy balance in the soil. If you kill them all off, you essentially kill off your lawn too because eventually it will grow weak and die. Earthworms, as an example, do two great things for your lawn; they help to aerate the soil and their “castings” (their poop) are a healthy fertilizer for the soil.

The use of Happy Gardener organic lawn fertilizers can avoid the destruction of those beneficial species. Our Lawn Weed N Feed is made from 100% certified organic sea vegetables and corn gluten. That’s all. It is safe for all plants, wildlife, humans and the environment. You won’t find any other ingredient, and especially no chemicals, in our products. Best of all, used twice a year it will help the roots of your lawn grow strong, the color will be greener and the overall health will be so much better. It will also help your lawn to be a little more drought tolerant and will help to eliminate weeds before they can even begin to grow.

Did you know…

• Many common lawn pesticides are toxic to fish, frogs, and other aquatic organisms.
• Species that live or feed on turf, such as robins, raccoons, squirrels, and bees are highly exposed to lawn chemicals.
• An estimated 67 million birds are lost each year to pesticides on farmland alone.
• Chemical lawn and garden pesticides are a leading cause of bird mortality in New York.
• Domestic pesticide use now accounts for the majority of wildlife poisonings reported to the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Why would you want to use anything other than organic? Go to and check out our lawn products. Remember when you order, use my name, Lauri Brow, as your Garden Consultant. You’ll be glad you did.

Independent Garden Consultant
The Happy Gardener

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