Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Street Fair

The street fair went pretty well I think. It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun and it was great meeting so many fellow gardeners, all with stories to share. I had a lot of questions on how to treat trouble spots in the garden and most of the time, the answer was one of our Happy Naturals™ Products from The Happy Gardener.

I had several compliments on the booth itself and how nice it looked. That made me feel really good. A few days before, my husband and I had spent the day setting up, making sure everything went where we thought was best and then taking it all down. Kind of a “trial run” so it was great to know the work paid off.

The next project is the Scripps Ranch Farmers Market. I have every Saturday scheduled there for the next 6 weeks. I’m going to take a few of the things that I learned from the street fair and use them at the Farmers Market. I think they will definitely improve things. The first Saturday at the Market is their grand opening at their new location. There will be a lot of people and a lot of publicity there, which should be good for business. The 2nd Saturday will be fun; it’s their Halloween costume day and the kids can come in costume, get candy, play games, etc. From what I understand there will be Star Wars characters there too which should be fun.

So it’s going to be a busy several weeks. My husband has graciously offered to help me because it’s all too much for one person (especially my age! Lol). He’s a huge help and I’m so glad he’s there!

On another note, this is true fall weather. Last week we had wonderful 75 degrees with cool ocean breezes coming in. This week, it’s 95 degrees with no breeze and hot hot hot! By Saturday, it could be drizzly and will definitely be cool. So with all these weather changes, I have to keep a close eye on my garden so my plants don’t get weak and confused as to which season it is. That could bring on disease and I sure don’t want that!
I am off now to do a little watering.

Happy Gardening!

Independent Garden Consultant
The Happy Gardener

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Ayla said...

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