Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Weather Confusion

Well here we are again in November. For alot of folks, the 1st snow of the season has already fallen, there is a chill in the air all day, cool breezes blow the leaves and they are getting ready for winter.

Here in Southern California, it's a whole different story. Our weather changes day by day. For the past week, we've had some nice days, running in the upper 60's (at least in my area), a little cloudy and we even had a spat of rain one day. It kind of made me believe fall was really here. However, by tomorrow our weather will get back up into the 80's and 90's, with the Santa Ana winds a blowin'. That will last for a week or so, then we will be back to cooler and chilly at night. And so it goes throughout fall.

It seems like in fall, ol' mom nature can never make up her mind when it comes to weather in Southern California. "Expect the unexpected" is becoming the theme for fall because we never know what we're going to get. The rapid changes play havoc on allergies and as you walk down the street you constantly hear folks sneezing, wheezing and sniffling. They have a cold, you say? I doubt it. More like allergies due to with all the weather changes. And the poor migraine sufferers here have an awful time this time of year. The constant changes in the air pressure play havoc with their heads and it's a miserable time for most of them.

How strange it seems to have the weather changing like it does. Through most of the year we know what to expect...sunny and mild. Seriously! That's the normal weather forecast! Truthfully it does get a bit boring, but I'm not complaining! But when fall comes around, it just confuses us Californians and we walk around carrying umbrellas, wearing jeans over shorts and tying our coats around our waists over our tank tops just so that we are prepared for anything. Since we wear flip flops most of the time, shoes are never a problem unless it snows.

So today I am enjoying the last of the mild weather. Tomorrow the Santa Ana's will start to settle back in and the allergies will run for cover as the dust blows everywhere. Let's hope the fires stay away this time because we simply can't go through that again!

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Lucy Corrander said...

I like your new autumn leaves icon.

Here in Dorset we are having very up and down weather - but, like you, I love it when the weather cools and gets windy. In autumn - I feel that's when I come to life.